Chap 15: Presentations and Speeches

Chapter 15 discusses the proper way to research, write and deliver a speech of a presentation.

I like this chapter because it really goes into detail about how to outline a speech. One of the very first and most important things when writing a speech includes researching any and all possible questions about the audience. This is important because age, culture, goals and other individualistic aspects within the audience all need to be catered too appropriately. For example, there would be an obvious difference in vocabulary when writing for a younger audience than an older one. It’s also important to know the speaker and watch how they talk to other people, groups and even you.

Before actually beginning to write a speech, three key points must be clear: the objective, the message, and the strategy/approach.

I personally love speaking in front of an audience. Giving speeches in class is what made me realize that public relations was a field that I might really enjoy. Researching, using sources, and creating a personalized way to convey information or persuade an audience is truly a science and it’s important to be prepared within areas of content, nonverbals, time, and actually speaking.


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