Chap 18: Programs and Campaigns

Chapter 18 discusses the importance and orgnization of a campaign and program.

Doing research is the most important aspect of this process. Researching the company, target audience, dimensions, objectives and other important aspects of whatever you are proposing as a public relations professional. It is important to know the company or person inside and out. Outlining objectives keeps a clear goal in place allowing a group to step back sometimes and regroup themselves to rerecognize their goals.

There are numerous different aspects that go intor creating a campaign. Different tactics, methods of delivery and presentation style is important. The design of a campaign or proposal varies on what audience you are trying to reach or impact.

Building relationships with the retailers, CEOs, or other important people within th company is important because it makes everything seem more personal. There is a trust that is formed throughout the process when you create professional relationships with them.


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